Mimi has helped again for the second time.  We chose her mainly because we had a very good experience in our last home purchase three years ago.  It was the right decision because Mimi did great again.  To buy a house is complicated project and there are many things my wife and children wanted in a new home.  Mimi always listens patiently, gives us room to express our wishes/opinions and always provides good advice and true opinion when it's necessary....I think she really thinks on behalf of the customer and not only focus on the deal...During the documentation phase, she was also very careful and patiently explained the terms and clauses to me.  With so many legal documents, I will say she gave me peace of mind to go through all of the paperwork.  She also gave good recommendations on vendors.  Overall, we highly recommend Mimi Quinn and we're happy to share more if anyone wants to know more details.  Winston and Ellen